We are Fá Dò Sěe farm, a small scale urban farm serving the communities of Albany, NY. We donate all of our food to local organizations in an effort to improve accessibility to wholesome, nourishing meals and combat food insecurity. Everyone deserves to taste the freshness and care of our vegetables, regardless of income levels. We are working on a free CSA.

Our growing methods are organic and veganic. Most people are familiar with organic practices( regulated pesticides and fertilizers, must be considered a “naturally: occurring substance for application, diversified crops, integrated pest management, use of composts or mulches or green manures). I will further discuss what it means to run a vegan farm.

So, something many people ask is: there are animal products in a vegetable farm? The answer is yes. Most farms, organic or conventional will use animal manures in order to fertilize their crops. The most common fertilizers come from cows, chickens, and fish. It is accepted by national organic standards to use manures from CONVENTIONAL farms, which seems entirely contrary to the very concept of organics.

First and foremost we choose veganics for the animals. We do not believe that true food justice can be practiced without justice for animals. Current agricultural systems attempt to justify their exploitation. Animal manures are not superior fertilizers; such a mindset derives from capitalism, not from science. The sheer amount of waste produced from industrial operations is now a common farm or garden resource. Such availability gives the illusion that manures are a necessity.  Importing manures or using mined rock powders for critical nutrients are not ecologically sustainable. We believe in a closed loop system that is ethically and environmentally friendly. We practice many elements of biointensive farming:  our plot are hand-turned and double dug for proper aeration, which promotes root growth, water retention, and healthy bacterial activity. We make our own plant based compost from vegetables and fruits scraps, coffee grounds, leaves, and straw. Our prime sources of fertilizer are alfalfa pellets and comfrey leaves. We intercrop and companion plant. We mulch all of our beds. We also do 95% of our work by bicycle-which includes our daily commutes to the farm as well as transportation of farm tools, resources, or donations.

Fa Do See is a chinese american farm run by Mei-Yi Yau and Andy G.. It is named after Mei-Yi’s grandfather’s village in southern China. It is an ode to his struggles and accomplishments. Many chinese vegetables  are also grown here, in a way to preserve cultural heritage. Mei-Yi calls this, growing culture, and it has in turn empowered them as an asian american, to reclaim their identity in part, through food.

Andy G. has a lot of experience on vegetable farms, having worked in beautiful, arid california on a 2 acre veganic farm located on an animal sanctuary.

We are currently growing: bush beans, squash, lettuce, mizuna, toy choy, gai lan, curly kale, lacinato kale, red russian kale, red bor kale, collards, hot peppers, okra, bitter melon, luffa squash, acorn squash, nappa cabbage, bok choy, fuzzy gourd, watermelon, tatsoi, basil, cilantro, sage, parsley, dill, potatoes, eggplants, and lots of tomatoes.



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